Aaw Shit (Cypher) ft. Niccy Fear, Cortext, Nate Deezy, Aero D

from Burd Cage Bangers by Burd Brain



Some raw bars from the lads. West aus hip hop represent.


Burd Brain half man half animal
born in an alley way ratbag avenue
this means I got a ratbag attitude
no big surprise that I grew up to be a rapper too
Hammy Hill got barb wire fence
Every boy in the hood got half fried friends
they would smoke more but you can't light stems
and nobody leaves til the shard pipe bends
wipper wang terrorist, gang bang specialist
cruisin in a white VN up mount everest
standing on the apex thinking I'm the cleverest
sleep when a dead I'm alive so I never rest
not sober when I fight you
pool stick retna high IQ
curve ball strike one strike two
I'm way too fly so I glide right through

I'm ghost Nicholas Patrick
Swayzee with the rap script but this aint a act bitch
when I feel the beat hit make me spit with a fat lip
ratbag kid around me keep your baggy zipped
26 red baggy jeans thats some hammy shit
no flexifit just little clips at the back of it
cross coloured up starter caps this is how we did
kicks with the ticks make em quick when they gank ya shit

Aaw shit guess who's back like the small pox
heavy hittin like a sack full of door knobs
hit the pad write a blockbuster
small time terrorist hit ya pad in a crop duster
what fucker I'm the bomb your the lack luster
damn it I'm a snatch grabber you a sack toucher
faggot I'm a dank puffer you a sack toucher
get it I'm a roast dinner you a packed luncher
I kick back and smoke it up like some black rubber
hit the ..... and slow it down like a bad puncher
we in the belly of the beast like its last supper
13 deep and we eatin like the last supper
my dad came from a long line of black hunters
your dad came from a long line of black hunters
I chin check a red neck tryna act gutter
get it in then i bail out like a bank brother

No actin right too concerned with appetite
infacuated by a maccas sign apple pie
it seems I overdosed on diet coke and tried to smoke some dope
that turned my life colidascope am I a joke
only funny with a punchline
but trust me aint nuthin funny when its lunchtime
miss mack sent a gift pack with nick nacks
six jacks n tick tacks n pig fat so sit back
sickest emcee's in the west no contestant
game so tight no host no contestant
I catch phrases like Burgo in this bitch
while you catch aids like ya murdering ya bitch eeeeeeew

Aw shit, mr Ds on the murder route
The superstar rapper that you never heard about
I don't even lift but I got your girl around
And she's tryna bench press my weights... Work it out
we a force like gravity ya have to except that
now she's always goin down manic depressent huh
Your crew has sleepovers, fluff pillows and talk on em
Me and Sean like sub zero and scorpion
Clean the floor with Nuff rappers then walk on em
My balls the shit, your mouths playing the porcelain - pause
That's a mouthful, house rules
Brang it back home cuz the South needs a scoundrel
Now I plot the future while I'm living in a flash back
You compile your deepest thoughts and stick em in a hash tag
Dumb, and I ain't getting with that
So I'm out, classic A with the tip of the hat like that


from Burd Cage Bangers, released May 27, 2013
A Burd Cage Production


all rights reserved



Burd Brain Australia

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