Come Wit It ft. SniperShot

from Burd Cage Bangers by Burd Brain

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Burd Brain and SniperShot get busy on another banger.

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Verse 1

Snipes I go hard in the booth I always come wit it
oh you wanna f%$k with the shooter bitch then come get it
I'm original I always got somethin different
everything bigger in texas my nuts are hung different
12 hours straight in the studio with Linney I don't play
no windows in that bitch kid cutty is it night or day
the booths cloud 9 all the time cos its how I stay
stay away with all the drama you tryna blow my high away
I've slept on the hard dirt puttin the hard work
to increase the amount of how much are my bars worth
I can see the bitch in you come on step up to the plate
I bring it to you hard trick east Dallas White Rock Lake
I love this hip hop music not in it for the fame G
I'm usually pretty chilled you don't wanna see me angry
Hip hop's turned gay look man don't blame me
I speak so much truth the government probably wanna hang me

Verse 2

Every clown in P town wanna be down where the circus at
come round anytime brother where my lurkers at
they're probably burnin crack still tryna learn to rap
lightglobe gymnastics yeh thats one way to hurt your back
under the radar I'm creepin in nameless
chasin my dreams so I'm sleepin in trainers
if ya see me you can throw up your dubs not in a cali way
SnipeShooter reppin the south no where near Adelaide
I'm a big tough rapper up on facebook chat
when i hit the space bar hear my speakers go blat a tat tat
so what you lookin at muf%$ckers come get it
I'm bringin D's back and a buzz come wit it
when you riding the dick like a bikie chick
i get high air max nike tick
fat white line to sniff show me where the cypher is
lifes a bitch stick in one digit make her come wit it

Verse 3

Say Burd Man what have ya heard man yeh
Hip hop these days is full of these nerds man
all these pencil pushin pussies need a curfew
I'll put them in a bad place with nobody to turn to
these joints will burn through they need to learn fool
that all that lying gon come back haunt and burn you
yeh so dry up your eye lids theres no time for crying
my lines are designed to set fire where your hiding
and we know where you're residing our style you'll be biting
striking nightly quick like its lightning
I stick to my nikes my lunch box is empty
the king of the party i'm drunk off the pepsi and rum
now your done time to run the land of guns is where I'm from
these girls love my pogo stick cos I make them come
come with it now push the fader to the upper limit
got your eyes on the prize then come get it
bitch come wit it


from Burd Cage Bangers, track released October 11, 2012
Vocals Burd Brain & SniperShot


all rights reserved



Burd Brain Australia

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